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A Loving Memorial is an online memorial for that is separate from the obituary on the funeral home’s website.

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A Separate Online Memorial Under Your Control

you control a memorial for that is independent from the funeral home’s obituary
the funeral home’s obituary is the starting point for your memorial
we’ve imported the obituary information, all pictures, videos, and guestbook entries here at
you can easily add more pictures, videos, and music for in a memorial you control

Tell the Story of

choose a background image that serves as the backdrop for the story of
use headings and captions to tell their life story so that it’s remembered and not forgotten
our elegant design provides a unique visual experience that is peaceful and serene
no ads, no company logo, just a quiet, eleganct place online to remember your loved one

Share and Celebrate

invite family and friends to view and contribute to your loved one’s memorial
visitors can add photos and videos in the Gallery section
the Guestbook section lets visitors share thoughts, tell stories, lay virtual flowers, light candles and add religious symbols

An Online Memorial Made Easy

view and edit online with ease - no software or apps to install for anyone
complete privacy control, you decide who sees the memorial
fast, friendly customer service to help and support you
risk free - we give you a 30-day money back guarantee for a full refund



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