A Loving Memorial has a minimalist layout with a unique and uncluttered design.

As you can see in the example above, the memorial is not busy or filled with unnecessary content. Instead, it contains the important information you have added about your loved one which results in an elegant memorial that is sophisticated in its simplicity.

Our memorial website builder is easy to use, and it lets you control the following:

Homepage – Name of your loved one, main photo, birth and death date, and an inscription such as “In Loving Memory”.

Life – this is a sequential presentation of slides where you can add pictures, videos, and text to show how you want your loved one to be remembered. When the next memory is advanced to, the page flips to appear like turning pages in a photo album.

Visitors can turn the page advance in sequential order or click on random pages.

Gallery – this is a presentation of the memories in a gallery format. Family and visitors can also add photos here.

Guestbook – a place for visitors to leave thoughts, share memories, light a candle, lay flowers, or add a spiritual symbol.

Log In – this allows you, the administrator, to edit, and add to your Loving memorial

You Choose Your Background Image Templates

You choose from over 200 background images to find one symbolic of your loved one’s life. You can select images of something they loved, believed in, or saw as meaningful. The background image you choose serves as the template for your website.

You can also choose to not have a background image.

Examples – Click to Enlarge

Here are a few examples of background images in each of our categories. 

Ocean and Beach

Sky & Clouds

Religious & Spiritual





Trees & Forest

Abstract & Texture





Jobs & Profession

City and Urban




Our Guestbook was also designed with simplicity and elegance in mind.

Guest Book Image

The Guestbook is a place where visitors can add their thoughts, share a memory, or tell a story. Visitors can also add symbols in the form of candles, flowers, or religious symbols to further express themselves.

Memorial Candles to Shine a Light

The Loving Memorials Guestbook allows visitors to add a flickering candle, in a variety of colors, to their guestbook entry.

Flower Arrangements to Add Beauty and Send Love

Visitors can add one of our 12 flower selections to the guestbook. Flower arrangements types are wreaths, hearts, crosses, baskets, and a holy rosary made of individual roses.

Religious and Spiritual Icons To Express Faith

Religious and spiritual icons from numerous faiths can also be added.

Religious symbols include a cross, the Bible, a church, a dove, a fish, the Star of David, a menorah, star and crescent, the Quran, a mosque, and the Yin and Yang symbol.

A Loving Memorial was designed with simplicity in mind and beauty flows from this simplicity. This takes us to perhaps the most part of an online memorial: storytelling. Storytelling ensures that your loved one’s precious life story is told.