For a memorial website to capture the preciousness of a loved one, their story must be brought to life through pictures, videos, and words. It’s told through pictures and videos, but the words behind those memories bring the story of your loved one to life so that it can be understood and appreciated by others.

The ‘Life’ Page: A Slideshow of Memories

Each Loving Memorial comes with a ‘Life’ page—see an example of a life page.

The Life page is a slideshow presentation of the important memories that represent your loved one’s life. Each slide is a memory. The memories can be presented in a chronological order, or in any order you like.

Music and songs can be added to the slideshow.

Memories Make a Life

The Life page consists of memorable pictures and videos that visitors can look through. Headings and captions are added to tell the story behind the memory.

Here is an example of a memory being added in the Loving Memorial admin section. 

Clicking ‘Save’ automatically publishes the memory to the life section and updates the slideshow.

Memories Tell a Story

The heading and caption that you add to your photo is optional and they can be as long as you like. You may just add headings or captions.

The heading and caption you add can also tell a story.

The memories and stories you share of your beloved become their life story.

Online Memorial Slideshow Versus a Slideshow Maker

A slideshow maker, such as desktop software or a free app, is software that allows you to create a slideshow file or document you can send to friends and family. An online slideshow, such as the one in the Life section of a Loving Memorial, has several advantages over a slideshow contained a file or document.

An online slideshow makes it easier for family and friends to submit photos and videos. They can submit this media online, directly to the memorial, instead of sharing it with you by email, text, social media, or file sharing services.

An online slideshow can be re-edited without having to be resent each time. Visitors can keep contributing to the slideshow online so that it evolves over time.

A link to an online memorial is easier for you and others to share. This lets you avoid having to find and send a file each time the memorial is shared.

An online slideshow, such as a Loving Memorial, is kept safe with backups instead of being kept on a device that can get damaged or lost.