The hero of an online memorial is your loved one and the memorial needs to be completely focused on them. A memorial starts to lose this focus when it has ads and company branding that is too prominent.

Ads and Links to Create a Memorial for Someone Else

Ads are a visual distraction to the story of your loved one. They create clutter and “noise” and which gets in the way of the important things you are relating about your beloved. Ads on a memorial can be in the form of banner ads, text ads, or links to create a memorial for someone else. 

Company Branding That Is Too Prominent

The memorial website service that provides your memorial may have their company logo displayed too prominently. Company links, such as the company social media accounts, may also appear on your loved one’s memorial.

A company logo and other company links don’t add anything to the memorial, and they can be a visual distraction to the story of your loved one, while also taking away from its visual appeal.

A Loving Memorial Is Focused On Your Loved One

A memorial that is completely focused on your loved feels peaceful and serene.

Below is a screenshot of our Loving Memorial example. On a Loving Memorial, you will not see links to create a memorial for someone else, or any ads, and our logo is barely noticeable.

Image home page of loving memorials

On a Loving Memorial, where a logo would normally appear, we display just the heart portion of our logo with no lettering.  The heart gives the memorial warmth without being identifiable as a logo.

At Loving Memorials, our brand is not the hero of the story, your loved one is the hero of the story.