An obituary announces the passing of a person,  an online memorial commemorates the life.

Online Obituaries

An online obituary is typically published on a funeral home’s website or in a newspaper. It helps announce the passing of the deceased and it provides details of services being held such as visitations, church services, and burial details.

An online obituary has an overview of the deceased’s life and a list of family and extended relatives. It may include the cause of death, pictures, videos, and live streams of services being held.

Often people can leave condolences or messages in a guestbook, as well as a way to send flowers to services.

Online obituaries are always public and can be viewed on a funeral home’s website or in a newspaper.

The length of time that an online obituary stays up is dependent on the funeral home or newspaper.

Online Memorials

An online memorial website or page is oriented towards remembering, celebrating, and honoring the life of the deceased.

It includes pictures, videos, and memories.

It may include details about the deceased’s family, hobbies, interests, and associations they belonged to, along with details of birth.

The family or friend creating the memorial will share it with others and let them add to it. Online memorials usually contain a guestbook where visitors can share thoughts, memories, photos, and videos.

An online memorial website usually lets you decide if you want it to be private or let anyone see it.

The best reason to have an online memorial is to ensure the person that passed away is always remembered.