An online memorial is a place online where the living remember and celebrate the life of a deceased person or pet so they are not forgotten.

A place online means it can be a dedicated memorial website, a single page, or social media pages such a memorialized Facebook account. Memorial websites are sometimes referred to as virtual memorials or digital memorials.

The purpose of a memorial website is to allow those who knew the deceased to remember, grieve, heal, share, and celebrate their life.

The communal aspect of a memorial website is very important with connection being a key element. An online memorial should allow visitors to sign a guestbook and light a candle or add flowers. Family and friends may also be able to add pictures and videos to contribute to the memorial.

The memorial website is maintained by loved ones of the deceased. The loved ones maintaining the memorial are usually the immediate family but can be extended family, friends, coworkers, and colleagues.

Because the memorial is online, this has the advantage of easily being communal and being visited from anywhere. The online aspect of a memorial also allows the memorial to be active and visible for future generations.